Introducing The 2016 APCA Scholars

Please join us in congratulating our 2016 APCA Scholars listed below. Their academic, community and personal achievements in making a difference in our community were truly amazing and inspiring. On behalf of APCA and all of our scholarship program volunteers, we wish them all the best as they pursue their educational goals.

**2017 APCA Scholarship Program will open for application towards the end of 2016**

APCA NATIONAL SCHOLARS ($2000 Scholarships)

California Scholars ($1000 Scholarships)
2016 APCA California Scholars

Georgia Scholars ($2000 Scholarships)
2016 APCA Gerogia Scholars

Hawaii Scholar ($1000 Scholarship)
2016 Hawaii Scholars

Metro DC Scholars ($1000 Scholarship)
2016 APCA Metro DC Scholar

Midwest Scholars ($1000 Scholarship)
2016 APCA Midwest Scholar

Mountain States Scholar ($1000 Scholarship)
2016 APCA Mountain State Scholar

Nevada Scholar ($1000 Scholarship)
2016 APCA Nevada Scholars

New Jersey Scholars ($1000 Scholarships)
2016 APCA New Jersey Scholars

Texas Scholars ($1000 Scholarships)
2016 APCA Texas Scholars

Washington Scholars ($1000 Scholarships)
2016 APCA Washington Scholars

A special thank you from one of our APCA Scholars:

“This scholarship will help me carry out my dreams of making the world a more peaceful place through diplomacy. I appreciate all you and your organization have done!”